Rocky and Me:  Home  Away from Home

 Boarding for Dogs,  Energy Healing, Animal Communication

One of the greatest joys is my life is to be with my dog. Just be.  His name is Rocky, and he is a Yorkie...a tall Yorkie.  I  have always felt this way about all of my dogs including my small Yorkie Glen , my Chihuahua-Pomeranian Jake, and Rock's brother Tummy. I have been madly in love with them all and would always do anything I could to help them.

My name is Jenifer Almond, and I'm a Master Reiki Practitioner.  I met Rocky when he was six weeks old.  Two weeks later I went back to bring him to his new home with me.  I brought his brother Tummy home, too, because they seemed inseparable in their litter and played together all the time.  My precious Glen had passed.  Dear Jake, the amazing friend I got for Glen, at first seemed indignant when the puppies raced to him to meet.  It wasn't too long before he became their fearless, all knowing, and loving pack leader.

In time I met a team of two wonderful mediums at a workshop at my church.  They told me that I had been an animal shaman in a past life.  After closing my mouth I decided it was time for me to get back to healing animals.  I love them all and have been practicing various types of energy healing for them for about fifteen years now.  I love kids, too, and I also work to help them with various energy healing treatments including the introduction to mindfulness.

Rocky is now sixteen.  My dear dear Glen and Jake and Tummy have passed.  We have all been through a lot together and also learned a lot together.  They have all been great teachers.  I hope I have been the same for them. The spirits of Glen and Jake and Tummy are continuing to do wonderful things to help others I'm sure.  Rocky and I are working to do the same.   Please see our list of services on the the next page.

Love and Peace and Healing from Rocky and Me.